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Backyard Wedding Ideas

Garden Weddings are perfect when intimacy is your goal and with the right backyard wedding ideas you can transform your regular old garden into a wedding paradise. 

Luminaries are inexpensive, <br>but make a grand statement.

Whether you are marrying in the gardens of a mansion, in your own backyard wedding ceremony, or are having a beach front wedding. With the right event planning ideas you can create that perfect wedding memory that will last you a lifetime.

Set up small, round tables if possible, and layer your linens. Choose a soft, feminine print for the top, gather in four places and accent with large silk tassels. And use an old-fashioned bird cage for your card holder. 

Get a Tent

No matter how dry the weather, the security of a tent is worth it's weight in gold. Invest in the purchase or rental of a tent large enough to cover your wedding party in an emergency and to provide shade for your wedding guests.

Your Wedding cake also needs to be protected by a tent at all costs. It is a focal point of your big day and you won't want it ruined by a freak storm. Even if it is not tented the entire time there needs to be some immediate protection for it. Leave a side wall open so that your cake cutting pictures will have the beauty of the garden in the background, but protect your wedding cake from birds flying overhead and the intensity of the sun. Place the cake on a sturdy table. One that will not wobble or suddenly fold up when bumped by a guest. 

Cut Flowers

Small pool of rose petals

A really cool tip is to place flower heads,like that of Gerbena Daisies or rose petals in a fountain, large glass bowls or shallow pool.This will add visual interest and a fairy magical quality to your outdoor space.

For the table centerpieces place many loose flowers in a vase and then guests can throw them at you when you leave. (Such as daisies, make sure to choose a lightweight flower so you don't get hurt!). Or you can have guests throw rose petals at you, an outside wedding is perfect for that because you don't want to have a huge mess for your family to pick up later.

Create a Natural Altar

If you plan to wed in the great outdoors, find an elegant, natural alternative to an altar. A tree or large rock makes a stunning focal point and lets you skip renting candelabras and other décor.

  • Hang strung orchids from a large tree.
  • Hang candle holders from a canopy, tent or trees.
  • Make a carpet of rose petals at the foot of the altar.

A bride and groom framed with their pastor, rabbi, or priest by a tastefully decorated gazebo or wedding arch with manicured foliage in the background is a picture perfect setting.

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