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Beauty - Hair and Makeup

We have all the insider tips you need to keep your powder puffed, your lipstick stuck and your mascara on your lashes and not ruining your perfect bridal look no matter WHAT you do on your wedding day.
Wedding day Make-up, bridal hair, hair ornaments, dresses, Exercize tips, diet advice and so much more...

What to do with your natty dreds on your wedding day? Locs have never looked better.
African tribal makeup is a great way to add a touch of our heritage to our wedding day.
Take teeth whitening to the professionals.
In the rush to get everything else done, don't forget the little things that can make the difference between a dull, ordinary wedding and an extravaganza that nobody will forget.  
Gloves can make or break your wedding look. Get the get the glove etiquette and appropriate glove length for your style gown.
Sure your beauty should be enough to turn some heads, but a little glint and glitter in the head region is a great idea on your wedding day!


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