For Vibrant Brides of Color

The Best Bachelorette Party... Evah

Let's face it sometimes when you want something done right you just gotta do it yourself.

Raunchy bachelorette party

The Bachelorette party is one of those things. You go to a planner and sometimes you get this strange lame spiced up bridal shower. Girls, this night is our last hurrah and we want to go out with a BANG! So here is a list of the coolest must haves to make your Bachelorette party just a bit naughty. Exotic Dancer optional.

  1. Pecker Party Straws 
  2. Pin the Macho on the Man Game
  3. The Bachelorette Tiara
  4. 6 Penis Lollipops in a Bouquet
  5. Bachelorette Party Veil
  6. A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong
  7. Satiny Pink Bachelorette Sash
  8. Captain Pecker ? 6? Inflatable Penis
  9. Bridesmaid Sash
  10. Pecker Pinata Bachelorette Party Kit


Classic, Classy Bachelorette Party

Give gifts they can actually use.

Have a night to remember that is stripperless and fun filled. These theme bachelorette Party items are great for wild nights and they are still appropriate enough that if your mother shows up she can still show her face at the bridge club later.

Cool Bachelorette Party toasts to the Bride

Don't plan this party for the night before the wedding. Both the bride and groom want to be at their best for their weddingi day. As we all know heavy drinking, late nights  and looking your best the next day do not go hand in hand. Even with a more tame, laid back party, there's usually lots of last minute details for the bride or groom to attend to the day before the wedding. That said, here oare some sample toasts from

Heads Up From Your Married Girlfriends
Dear Bachelorette,
Being off the market might be sad,
Especially with all the men you've had.
But as you say goodbye to Joe, Dave, and Rob,
Remember, you've given your last blow job!

Pre-Baby Toast
To the times we’ve had and the times to come,
Drink your wine, vodka, and rum.
Make sure this evening is filled with things wild,
Before your stomach is filled with a child.

A Toast To The Last Night Out

To the bachelorette who’s crazy and fun,
Wait until your wedding is done,
We’ll only see you twice a year,
When you slip out because your in-laws are here!
Drink up now on your last night out,
So you don’t forget what having girlfriends is about.

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