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Best Black Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Make a statement with your hair on your wedding day. Updos, buns, faux hawks and more bridal hair!

1) The classic up-do.

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Hairstyle and beauty has become quite a fashion statement lately. We have seen prices for a good cut or style skyrocket with no end in sight. Some cuts are going in and out of style every day it seems. As some beauty experts say - your hair can make you or break you. What will be the hot styles and beauty cuts for 2009? Some of these will surprise you.

The classic up-do has been one of the longest trends but seems to be a temporary style - something to do for a social party or event, but not every day. The Hollywood stars like Vivica Fox and many others sport the up do for Awards banquets, etc., but they have personal hair stylists that can have their hair back in whatever style they want the following day. This style is best suited for medium or longer length hair.
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2) Hair stenciling or Fantasy Hair

Fantasy Hair

This has been hot in Japan, Milan, Paris, and London and is starting to make its way into the U.S. Your hair makes the statement. It is unadorned and perfect for the modern sister-- those who do not think a

princess tiara

is the way to go.

Another interesting turn in hair fashion is a stencil used to lay a design in glitter and paint to make a bold, exciting fashion statement. Everything from animal prints (like tiger stripes) to symbols have been used. Imagine a butterfly for a butterfly themed wedding or a glittering ankh for an African or Egyptian themed wedding. This works on any length hair, but is more often seen as accent on shorter hair. Stencils have been used recently on runway shows by Gucci, Prada, etc...

3) Color

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Color is a great way of adding interest to your do on your wedding day. This works especially well for very short, natural hair. What a great way to add some spice to your wedding night with a subtle change or a shocking brazen one. Try not to go too wild and test all changes on your hair at least 6 months before the wedding. You do want your future husband to recognize you somewhat when you are coming down the aisle and the trial period gives you a chance to fix anything you might hate. We recommend natural, mild makeup with this do.

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4) The 'fro

Yes, I know we thought it died off in the early 90's, but it is making a surge again. No one knows why, except that is is a very low maintanence style - or basically no style. It has been popping up all over the south and has been seen on the rise even in New York, Chicago, etc... This is an awesome style that will be timelessly classy forever.

A natural look is best done with soft, minimal make up. If you have a beautiful face this style frames and shows it off perfectly. Get stunning hair pins at the

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5) Braids

There has been a trend for a more natural look among black brides and Braids is the way to go. It offers the opportunity to wear your hair long or short. But really, the almost total lack of maintenance in the morning is one of the most voiced reasons for sporting these dos. They are just perfect on your honeymoon. Wake up looking just as good as on your wedding day. What bride doesn't want THAT?

6) The flip.

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The style from the roaring 20's is back as can be seen at the recent awards shows. This style has always been equated with glitz and glamor. It is another easy style and is easy to maintain. The flip goes with almost any makeup regimen. All the stars have worn this do at one time or another - from Toni Braxton to Rhianna.

Most of the hairstyles trends for 2009 are comebacks and are easy dos. Basically, people want something that is easy to manage and want variety - a cut that can be easily transformed from one style to another for different events or just for that different look. Women also want a style with easy, light makeup. According to numerous fashion sources these hairstyle and light makeup trends trends will be the big styles of 2009.

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