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The Best Romantic Gifts!

Get the gifts they actually want for valentine's day or any time.  

Sometimes getting a gift for your partner can feel overwhelming. How do you pick the perfect token that will reflect how you feel? To get the answer, we asked 500 women and 250 men what their idea of the perfect love token would be. Their answers should help clue you in on the best way to woo your special someone!

The Top Ten

Gifts Women Want
1. Fine Jewelry
2. Romantic Flowers
3. Engagement Ring. Design your own ring. Ross-Simons makes it easy.
4. His Kisses
5. Her Love
6. His Heart
7. Love Poem
8. A Card
9. Love Letter/ Free Tanzanite with any Purchase over $75 at,
only at Diamonds International! Enter Reference Code FRTP.
10. A Personalized CD

Gifts Men Want
1. A Kiss
2. Her Love
3. Love Poem, Letter, Card
4. Romantic Flowers
5. A Sensual Encounter
6. A Hug
7. Her Picture
8. Her Hand In Marriage
9. A Romantic Night
10. Her Heart


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For Her...

Surprise her with something unexpected...something she actually wants! Here are few of the creative ideas some of the women we polled last year suggested!

* Flowers. delivered to her work
* Personally written love poem rolled up and held together by a ring
* A key to his heart Man/Woman Keyring Set

* Ring with your names and a special date engraved inside
* Locket with our or his picture in it
* A gift that reflects an personal interest, so she'll know you understand and listen to her
* Anything handmade
* A puppy named "Kisses"
* A key to the house you will be sharing
* A new wedding band
* A picture of you
* Quality time "alone" together
* Tickets to a
vacation or cruise
* A personally written love song
* A week of massages
* Sexy Lingerie
* A symbol of your love
* A piece of clothing to remind her of you when you're away
* A bubble bath followed by a massage


For Him...

It isn't always easy finding the perfect romantic gift for the man in your life. Let these ideas for the men we polled shed a little light on what he really wants!

* An evening alone with her
* Her touch
* A pass for a day of pleasure
* For her to move in together
* A surprise trip. Nothing elaborate. Just one state over or a hotel stay in a cozy B & B.
* An affirmation that you still love him
* An erotic love letter
* A wallet
* Something that reminds him of your first meeting or date
* Love coupons
* A picture of you with a poem or personal note written on the back
* A new wedding ring. Design your own ring. Ross-Simons makes it easy.
* Silk Knit Fitted Boxers

Now that you know what they want, find these great romantic gift ideas and more in our gift shop!


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