For Vibrant Brides of Color

Brides With Locs

What to do with your natty dreds on your wedding day? Locs have never looked better.

This pretty bridal do freatures a heart shape in the back and a stylish Cage Veil in the front.

Crystal Hairpins and an elegant chignon show how well put together locs can look.

Her long hair is well moisturized and rolled into a large bun.

Consider dotting your locs with little flower hairpins for a free bohemian feel.

We really like the crinkle texture of her locs and the over the shoulder sexy look of her hairstyle.

The feather fascinator in her hair makes this look very vintage chic.

This twisted locs up do is all about sophistication. Adding color to your dreds? Test the color out a MONTH before your wedding day just in case there has to be a do over.

Her coiffed locs are surprisingly modern and sophisticated.

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