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Choosing Wedding Color Themes

See perfectly matched color combinations and take the guess work out of choosing your wedding colors. Browse the color schemes below for ideas and inspiration in selecting your wedding colors. All of these schemes were specially chosen to be well coordinated. Choose just one or both colors from each block, or combine white with any one or combination of colors.<br /> <br /> <i>Hot Tip: Note that you can choose colors directly accross from one another or three colors that are one on top of the other. They coordinate perfectly.</i>


This is such an amazing color for 2010. It lets the bad girl in all of us surface. It is sophisticated and modern. Black is the new white.

{Black and Plum}Black and Plum inspiration board

Black Accessories and Flowers

{Black & Pale Pink}

Black and Pale Pink Inspiration board

{Sophisticated Black & White}

Modern Black & White Inspiration Board

Black dresses were the hot trend last year. The real bridal statement of 2010 is Black accessories and flowers. You can pick black table linen, black roses and black bridal jewelry. For an even more sophisticated look one can use the combination of white and black.

A room decorated in black & white makes everyone feel like they walked into a fantastic party!

Photo Credits: Groom Suite: Nashan Photographers; Bridal Bouquet: Ayleebits; Esort Cards: Nashan Photographers; Bridal Gown: Vera Wang; Reception Room: Southern Weddings Blog; Lamp Shade Centerpiece: Southern Weddings Blog; Invitation: Bernard Maisner; Cake: Real Simple Weddings; Bridsmaid Dress: Melissa Sweet

Blue Tones

A dark blue or Navy palete makes me think of all things preppy: ascots, navy blazers, sunday brunch, yum.

Ice Blue, Silver, White Inspiration Board

There are so many beautiful ways to make the most of a winter wedding. An icy blue palette is sophisticated and very sweet, and it makes me think of a very cold northern winter.

Bright blues bring to mind Sand, surf and sea. Think beach glass, pearls, starfish.

{Coral and Blue By Zenadia Designs}

By zenadia Designs

{Blue, Plum & Silver}

Blue Purple Silver Inspiration Board

{Pale Blue and Caramel}

Pale Blue and Caramel

More Blue Color Combos:

lt. blue navy
aqua turquoise
ivory lt. blue
navy plum
sky blue platinum
coral sky blue
turquoise ivory
lavender lt. blue
sky blue pale yellow
navy tangerine
chocolate sky blue

Green Tones

{Celadon & Pale Yellow}

Celadon & Pale Yellow

{Black & Celadon}

Black & Celadon inspiration board

{Celadon & Ivory}

Celadon & Ivory inspiration Board

More Green Color Combos:

celadon ivory
emerald celadon
ivory hunter
pink sage
celadon pale yellow
mint navy
celadon taupe
black celadon
celadon platinum

Red Tones

There was a time when red was THE color to use for your wedding. There was a time when red would have been totally scandalous too. The color of love and passion has made a stunning new comeback and we welcome it with open arms.

{Red & Gold}

Red and gold chinese theme

{Red & White}

Red white winter Inspiration Board

{Chocolate and Cranberry}

Cranberry & Chocolate inspiration Board

More Red Color Combos:

Cranberry platinum
ivory Cranberry
red chocolate
platinum red
Cranberry taupe
red ivory
Cranberry black
hot pink Cranberry

Shades of Pink

{Pink and Rose pink}

Pink and Rose pink Inspiration Board

{Pink & Celadon}

Pink & Celadon Green Inspiration Board

{Pink, Ivory & Peach Inspiration Board}

Pink Ivory Peach Inspiration Board

{Pink & Platinum}

Pink Gray Platinum Inspiration Board

More Pink Color Combos:

pink rose
celadon pink
pink purple
magenta pink
pink hot pink
hot pink tangerine
pink chocolate
rose celadon
pink taupe
ivory pink
pink platinum
plum pink

Purple tones:

{Purple & Green}

Purple and green inspiration Board

{Lavender, Purple & Violet}

Lavender purple & Violet inspiration board

{Platinum & Purple}

platinum & Purple Inspiration Board

More Purple Combinations:

lavender purple
periwinkle ivory
purple platinum
lavender pink
platinum periwinkle
periwinkle lavender
lavender celadon
plum ivory
lavender taupe
chocolate plum
purple celadon
periwinkle chocolate

Sophisticated color Combos

{Yellow & Peach}

Yellow Orange peach inspiration board

{Ivory, Brown, Green}

Ivory, Brown Green Inspiration Board

{Peach & Red}

Peach & Red Inspiration Board{Light

More Cool Color Combos:


lt. yellow peach
black platinum

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