For Vibrant Brides of Color

DIY: Ribbon Wedding Favor

Candy-coated almonds are a sheer delight in shimmering white. Anyone can make these simple inexpensive favors.

SUPPLIES & TOOLS: Makes 1 favor
• 1 spool misty sheer ribbon
• 1 spool banner ribbon
• 1 spool satin ribbon, 1/8" wide
Glue gun & glue sticks

1. Cut one 13" length of misty sheer ribbon.
2. Make three marks on the ribbon: at the halfway point, 5" from one end, and 6" from other.
3. Fold one side up to 5" mark and glue both sides to form pouch.
4. Fold one side up to 6" mark and glue both sides to form pouch.
5. Fill the 21⁄2" pouch with almonds.
6. Fold the top over at the half way mark, leaving approximately 3/4" to bottom of favor. Glue flap to hold.
7. Cut one 10" length of banner ribbon. Wrap around the center of the pouch and glue in the back.
8. Use 1/8" ribbon to tie a bow and glue to front of favor. Refer to photo for placement.

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