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Extraordinary Candle Wedding Favors

Candle wedding favors will always be a popular item for your guests as they are so practical for them.

<i>Author: Sandra Canfield</i>

One of the prizewinning gifts you can give your wedding guests are candle wedding favors. Candle wedding favors will always be a popular item for your guests as they are so practical for them. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it won't be hard to find something to suit your theme, decor or wedding colors. Keep in mind that the latest trend in weddings these days is scents.

Here are some ideas that can be considered when choosing from the large selection of candle wedding favors that are available.

Themed Candle Favors

Sailboat Design Candle Favors

Consider a candleholder as a candle wedding favor. This would make a great wedding favor for your guests as they are practical and they can take them home and use them long after the event is over. A beautiful heart pendant candleholder provides a heartfelt expression of the love that you might want to share with all of your invited guests at your wedding. Autumn themed candle holder candles definitely will capture the autumn's glow if getting married in the fall. Your guests' hearts will be all aflutter when you present them with beautiful butterfly design candle holders. If having a floral theme, add radiance to your wedding with crystal lotus flower candleholders. If having a beach themed wedding, provide your wedding guests a chance to go beachcombing without ever leaving their tables at the reception when your present theme with
unique oyster shell candle holder favors.

Candle Favors For Decor

Fall Theme Candle Favors

One final idea is to place a candle favor at the placesetting of each wedding guest. The preferred way to do this is to coordinate the candle colors with the basic colors of your wedding. If your wedding is in the evening, you could also go ahead and light them which would create a more romantic atmosphere for your guests while at the same time, giving them as the wedding party favor later in the evening.

Candle wedding favors are always a great souvenir to give your beloved guests. These are just some candle wedding favor ideas that I have encountered in previous experiences which were big hits at weddings. Since there are so many ways to name a few, you can be sure that your wedding guests will appreciate them, no matter how you offer them.

Banquet Chair Candle Favors

If you are planning on a themed wedding then maybe you should give some thought to giving out candle favors that match your selected wedding theme. Blue, pink, sand colored and green candles will perfect for a beach or tropical wedding theme. Various shades of yellow or green candles are wonderful for garden or spring themed weddings. One other way to present a candle wedding favor is to wrap the candles in tulle, cello, or raffia and ribbon tied around them. You place them together in a creative way on a the tables where your guest can fetch them at their own convience. Consider specializing them for your wedding by adding a tag with your names or the date of your special wedding day.

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