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God is in The Little Wedding Details

In the rush to get everything else done, don't forget the little things that can make the difference between a dull, ordinary wedding and an extravaganza that nobody will forget.  

Ask any bride-to-be about her upcoming nuptials and she will be able to ramble on and on about a host of different topics. Her wedding colors? Pink and orange. Ceremony location? Church, of course. Bridal party? Already in line, thank you very much.

Brides do have an innate ability for starting their planning early and totally frying their brain by the wedding day. So, in the rush to get everything else done, they forget the little things that can make the difference between a dull, ordinary wedding and an extravaganza that nobody will forget.

The details can be anything from the color of the chairs at the reception to the fabric style of the aisle runner and church decorations. Paying attention to those little details can really make the wedding stand out in the minds of your guests as an organized affair.

For example, one of the most traditional events at Christian wedding receptions is the tossing of the bridal garters. Bridal garters have been worn (and removed) by new brides for centuries. Bridal garters were first used as a sign that the new marriage was consummated. In modern times, the bridal garter is a symbol of the couple becoming one.

But brides spend all of their time picking out the perfect dress and shoes that they don't think about their bridal garters. Some brides pick them out to match their dresses, like red and white bridal garters for a red and white themed wedding. Others choose to go the more whimsical route and show off their personalities, like camouflage bridal garters for military brides.

However you choose to wear your bridal garters, make sure you think about it. It may seem insignificant, but hey, the details are important. And you won't be the only one seeing it. Some lucky bachelor will more than likely be wearing it around his head for the remainder of the wedding reception. You want to make sure it looks good!

Other details that are often overlooked in wedding planning are the gifts for the bridal party. They put up with your excessive crying and mood swings for the past several months. Don't forget to thank them for the hard work they've done in helping you prepare for the best day of your life.

Bridal party gifts should be something unique and will convey a special meaning to the wedding party. It can be anything from a trip to the spa to embroidered handkerchiefs, the choice is really yours. Embroidered handkerchiefs can be a special gift for a bridal party because of your ability to customize them based on your bridal party. The embroidered handkerchiefs for your wedding party can even have your initials sewn into it to commemorate the special day.

So do not forget to think of the details while planning for your wedding. No, everything canÂ’t be perfect. But, if you strive for the very best, your wedding will turn out to be an event to remember.

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