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Hot Bridal Trend: Chevron, Chevron, Chevron

Believe it or not, this pattern has been around since approximately 1800 BC, as seen in recovered pottery designs; but it has never been as popular we have seen now.

Chevron Wedding Cakes

The Chevron Pattern is a beautiful, bold graphic print that can be found on everything from clothing and dishes to wedding décor. The chevron pattern is finding its way into events, too. Don't let your wedding miss out on the trend! Here is a look at how you may apply the motif to cakes. 

Chevron Bridal Jewelry

The clean bold pattern of the chevron shape lends itself nicely to formal jewelry too.

chevron crystal headband

Pearl and Crystal Chevron Headband tiara. A simple wasy to add chevron chic.

Chevron Tablescapes

Adding chevron is easy when you make your tables come alive with this bold graphic print.

Gold Chevron Sequin Table Runner

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