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How to Cut your Wedding Cake

Cutting a wedding cake can be a complex affair because of its size and multiple tiers.

Many couples are now avoiding the tradition of cutting the wedding cake. Cutting a wedding cake is a perfect photo op, which will be cherished for years to come. Guests also expect to see the married couple cutting their wedding cake, without which no wedding can be complete. So, it is important to incorporate this tradition in your wedding. View cake knives and sets at the Vibride Wedding Mall.

Cutting a wedding cake can be complicated because of its size and multiple tiers. Couples don't know where to put that first incision. Cake cutting is an art simply because if a cake is not cut properly, it will soon resemble remnants of a food fight and will be impossible to serve to your guests. Here's a guide to cutting your wedding cake properly.


Square Wedding Cakes

Cutting Square Shaped Wedding Cakes: Such shapes are the easiest to cut as you do not have to contend with irregular shapes and forms. To cut a square shaped wedding cake, follow these simple steps:

  • Go 2 inches in from the outer edge and cut across the cake.
  • Cut this strip into 1 inch pieces to get cake pieces of 2 by 1 inch size.
  • Continue in the same manner till the entire square tier is cut.

Round Wedding Cakes

Cutting Round Shapes: This is the most common style of cake.

  • Go 2 inches in from the edge of the cake and cut a circle following the outer circle of the cake.
  • Cut 1 inch pieces of cake within the previously cut circle.
  • Do the same till you reach the inner core of the round tier.
  • This core (and the top most, smallest round tier) can be halved or cut into fourths depending on the size of the portion.


Strawberry Pink Chocolate Hearts Wedding Cake

Heart Wedding Cakes

Cutting Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes: Such a romantic cake and among the most daunting to cut.

  • Cut the cake in half lengthwise, where the point of the heart is.
  • Cut each half into further halves or quarters depending on the size of the tier.
  • Cut each resulting strip of cake into 1 inch pieces.

Other common shapes of wedding cakes, such as hexagonal shapes or petal shaped cakes can be cut in the same manner as round wedding cakes. View cake knives and cake accessories at the Vibride Wedding Mall.

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