For Vibrant Brides of Color

How to wear An African Veil

Adding touches of African culture to Western wedding attire.

In our neck of the woods, veils were made from white or ivory tulle with plain, pencil or satin cord edging. This allowed the focus to be on the brideÂ’s face, her headpiece and wedding gown. Now brides of color can have designer veils and crowns with abundance of choices. They are embellished with embroidery, coins, beads, lace, cowrie shells and in luxury fabrics we love like dupioni, African lace, silk shantung, kente and mud cloth!

Accents can also be added to the bridal crown. The bride can order a detachable veil with scattered rhinestones and scattered pearls as well. She can have those pearls in colors to match her gown. She can choose a gold ribbon edged veil to match the gold that inevitably shows up in our weddings.

In some cases wearing a veil can distract from the embellishment of the wedding gown this is wear a crown comes in. It is a strong, glamorous statement that is guaranteed to draw wows and oohs and ahhs from your guests. A charming, corset back on a wedding gown would best be served by a simple African crown or gold tiara.

Many brides are now choosing to go without a veil. Bridal fashions have been clean and simple in recent years. Gowns are strapless, or have spaghetti straps with plain matte satin fabric. Trains are shorter and less elaborate. The bride is now using a detachable veil and removing it completely at the reception, wearing only a beautiful crown or tiara.

This is a simply elegant way to add a touch of Africa to your wedding without having a full African Themed wedding.

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