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Make a Splash at your Beach Theme Wedding

Keep Calm and Beach On - Beautiful Ideas for a Seaside Wedding

Found Treasure

Found objects like branches, shells, and small orchids create "driftwood" ceremony decorations for a beach wedding. Below you will find cute, quirky ideas to make your beach theme wedding one to remember.

Dig A Little Deeper

There is a lot more to a beach theme than seashells and starfish. This sea urchin cake is very unusual, but there is no doubt it relates to the ocean. Incorporate the unusual in your wedding decor.

Bring The Ocean With You

Try your hand at creating a unique seashell bouquet of your own. This simple to make bouquet will be a treasured keepsake for many years. Tie or wrap ribbon or twine to make it appear more authentic. Or you can purchase a Seashell Bouquet pre-made at our store.

Classy Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Classy Beach Centerpieces

A Beach Theme doesn't mean cheap or tacky. Simple elegant can also apply. This gorgeous centerpiece would be comfortable at the Ritz Carlton or Duffy's Beach Shack.

If The Shoe Slips...

A Beach Wedding is often casual. Let your guests feel the sand between their toes by providing the option to remove their shoes. Let the bartender worry about getting them to let their hair down. You also could only offer flip flops for the guests with really high heels.

Outdoor Wedding Favors

Shade Thyself

Lightweight parasols are an easy choice for an outdoor wedding. Your guest will thank you for your thoughtfulness. Should you go this route, choose parasols in your wedding colors.

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