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A Money Saving Secret The Wedding Industry Will Never Tell You

Assume that everything with the word "wedding" attached to it has been marked up anywhere from 25-300% or more!

Items or Vendors Add The Word "Wedding" and $$ Goes Up!

  • Shoes Become "Wedding" Shoes
  • Cake Becomes "Wedding" Cake
  • Photographer Becomes "Wedding" Photographer
Just because you're getting married doesn't mean you're restricted to buying from wedding professionals.

My advice is, wherever possible, to purchase "non wedding" versions of what you need. For example, I found an absolutely beautiful and delicious non-traditional cake (layers of French pastry and custard with fresh berries and decorated with flowers instead of traditional white cream, towers and figurines) that was 50% less than any "wedding" cake. It actually looked more expensive than a wedding cake and everyone commented on how original and creative it was.

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