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A New Approach To The Wedding Veil

Many of us brides wish to have a traditional wedding but want to move away from tired traditional styles, there are many ways to have one without the other.

A creative approach that can turn old fashioned bridal traditions into new modern versions of themselves.  And no where is this better seen than in the tradition of wearing a veil.

While the ethereal traditional look of a veil, may appeal to some brides, often the long, cumbersome and awkwardness of the veil, or the symbolism that is attached to it, can have brides looking for an elegant alternative such as a shorter demi-veil or even, gulp, no veil at all.

One exciting alternative to the veil is the tiara.  I mean, let's face it, there is a princess in every girl. A  tiara or other piece of hair jewelery can often offer the best of both worlds, by allowing a small less-cumbersome veil to be clipped onto the back of it.

Creating a traditional wedding does not mean you must accept all aspects of those traditions. With a little creativity you can offer a new take on tradition and personalize all of your accessories.

Similar to this idea, is the idea of using strings of crystals or pearls woven throughout the hair, or attached to combs placed strategically.  A wonderful yet simple alternative that can add to the overall richness and elegance of the bride's wedding day style.

Rural brides, or those who love to ride, may find their perfect alternative to a veil in the form of a bridal cowboy hat.  Available in many different colors, some styles will have flowers or patterns embedded on the hat, or come with a veil attachment that attaches to the hat's band. Not only can this serve as a part of your wedding accessories, but once the veil is removed, it can also be worn long past the wedding day itself.

Other alternatives to bridal veils include large silk or real single bloom flowers, or even feathers strategically pinned into the hair, or the return of the large wide-brimmed hats that can offer protection from the sun for the outdoor bride.

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