For Vibrant Brides of Color

Purple For A Valentine's Day Wedding

I thought I would kick up the color theme a notch or two. We are VIBRANT brides of color, right?
Dye your Bridal shoes in your favorite color!

First a bit about Purple

I love this color. It is my favorite by far. To say that it is the color of passion is an understatement. Red is so played out for February weddings. I think when using red in such an obvious way, takes the focus off your very special moments. I thought I would kick up the color theme a notch or two. We are VIBRANT brides of color, right?

The Inspiration

I saw this couple's wedding and it was everything this site is about. Colorful, classy, Vibrant. It was the wedding of Photographer, Raheem, the talented photographer behind Rhphotoarts, to his love, Aisha in September 2010.  The ceremony and event was held at Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago and coordinated by DURE Events and make up was done by  Segun Gele.

Aisha + Raheem’s Wedding Story

I love Raheem's quirky tie and Aisha's cage veil and Hair jewelry. --small touches that made a big impression.

Aisha's purple make-up is exquisite, so flawless and luxuriant.

The purple pomanders in alternating colors and joined with nuetral tulle lining the aisle is a great way to keep your color theme present yet not the whole focus.

Raheem and Aisha Change dor the reception

Raheem and Aisha are breathtakingly beautiful in thier traditional clothes. Here the purple is shown again with flair! See more of this couples elegant wedding at

Accessories can make all the difference!

It is no secret that I love accessories. My love of shoes is legendary (212 pairs). Your color coordinated accessories play a big part in tying your color theme together. 

Your earrings, shoes, the perfect purse... these all help tell your color story and continue the mood of your wedding.

This simple purse packs quite a color whallop! Priced affordably it can be added to even the most modest budget. The crystals lining the top ensure that you get noticed.

Cultural Influence: 
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