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Tips on Choosing a Wedding Car

Author: <a title="Shaun Parker" href="">Shaun Parker</a>

Wedding cars from the 1930s to the 1960s are the most sought after and also fairly rare in good condition. But because of their age and the distance they have to travel, they need an enormous amount of maintenance. The specialist repairers are hard to find and any parts need to be made. Years ago weddings were a local affair, but now with more choice of venues on offer, people will travel several miles to find the destination of their dreams. If people want to hire a wedding car, due to distance and the increase in traffic, the wear and tear on the old cars in considerable.

Gone are the days when you were told of a local man who had an old car, usually black or a dark color, which he would use as a wedding car. You can now book wedding cars on the internet and when searching you will find hundreds to choose from, in all shapes, sizes and colours. But it makes sense to book your wedding cars with a company that has several vehicles in case of an emergency and has been in the wedding car business for many years. A well established company will have the knowledge to advise you of the choices of wedding cars that would suit your needs.

Vintage and Classic Cars

There are two main groups of wedding cars; vintage and classic. The best of the vintage era is of course the Rolls Royce and if you require a car that encapsulates the best of British, then surely this will be your choice. Many of these cars have running boards and wide opening doors for easy entry. But if you like streamlined looking cars them maybe your choice should be from the classic era. Many of these cars have swan neck wings and look sporty. But beware, because of these undoubtedly good looks they have less room inside.

A wedding car of either era will help to make you feel a million dollars and by picking the right company will take a lot of the stress away from you, so pick wisely. A long established company as a wedding car specialist means many years of experience in weddings and wedding car hire services. A company with many vehicles means alternative arrangements can be made in case of an emergency. Reputable companies can also offer you extra services such as chauffeurs in smart uniform, horse drawn carriages and also added luxuries such as a bottle of champagne for your journey.

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