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Wearing Wedding Gloves

Gloves can make or break your wedding look. Get the get the glove etiquette and appropriate glove length for your style gown.

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If you have decided to wear gloves, begin your shopping with this in mind: Gloves are classified by length, measured either by inches, or by the number of buttons. The most popular lengths of gloves are one, two, six, eight, twelve and sixteen button styles. A one-button glove goes to just below the palm. It works best with a long-sleeve gown.

Some etiquette guides say that gloves do not "go" with a long-sleeve gown, so you may choose not to wear a glove at all. A two-button glove stops at the wrist. It is also called a wristlet or gauntlet. The six-button glove stops below the elbow. It is also called a quarter-length glove. The quarter-length style works well with a short-sleeve gown. The eight-button glove stops at the elbow and is best worn with a short-sleeve dress. The 12 button length glove fits about 3 inches above the elbow and are also great for sleeveless gowns.The sixteen-button glove, also called opera-length, reaches to the top of the arm. It goes best with sleeveless or strapless wedding gowns and is usually worn either crushed or gathered.

The Exchange of Wedding Rings in Gloves

Ring Finger Bridal Glove

If you are wearing short gloves, it is appropriate to remove your gloves and hand them to one of your attendants. If you will be wearing long or elbow-length gloves, your simplest option is to get Open Ring Finger Gloves. In the past women would slit the seam on your ring finger and push the fabric in, so your ring finger becomes accessible. Another option involves making a cut perpendicular to the seam, across the seam at the base of your finger. During the ring exchange, you can slip your finger out, and once the band is in place you can slip your finger back in.

A third alternative is the purchase an old-fashioned glove that buttons at inside of the wrist. With this type of glove, you will need to become adept at unbuttoning the buttons at your wrist. Then you will slip your hand through the opening you created and, finally, you will need to take that part of the glove that is left "hanging" and push it at the back of your hand. Should you choose this option, you would best practice the technique before your wedding day. The good news with this alternative is that your bouquet will probably hide your hand, so may want to do the process before the processional, in advance of the ceremony.

The final option is to purchase fingerless gloves, which, of course, solves the problem. This type of glove begins just above the elbow and goes down over of the back of the hand. A loop is used at a point of fabric to secure the glove to the middle finger.

Glove Etiquette

  • Your gloves should be worn for the processional and through the ceremony.
  • They should be worn while you greet your guests in the receiving line. Contrary to gentlemen, ladies do not remove gloves when shaking hands. If you are concerned that your gloves will get dirty when you shake many hands, you might remove them temporarily and put them on again for dancing.
  • Your gloves should also be worn dancing at your reception.
  • Your gloves should be removed while you are eating, to prevent you from staining the fabric. That also holds for during dessert and cake.
  • Your rings should never be worn over your gloves. Some people bend the rule a bit for exchanging rings.
  • Your gloves should be worn during the reception. These days, many brides remove their gloves at some time into the reception.

Bridesmaids: Gloves or no Gloves?

Bridesmaid Gloves

Gloves, just as with your veil and train, are considered formal wedding attire. The key to the level of formality is that the longer the gloves, the more formal they are. Your selection of gloves impacts on how your bridesmaids will dress, because they should never be dressed more formally than you are. That coordination holds true for the length of their gowns, which must be the same or shorter than yours. If you choose to wear gloves, your bridesmaids should also. The length of their gloves must be the same or shorter than yours.

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