For Vibrant Brides of Color

Wedding Photography: Engagement Photos

These are moments we want to share. The bliss of first realizing that your love will last forever.

Locs of Love

Engagement photos are priceless. They are all you. Not what your parents think you are. A vignette into your souls. It is a beautiful testament to your love before life gets complicated. It is also a reminder that true love is possible.

Modern Technogeek

This is a must do for techies! It's clever and doubles as a time capsule. You know those phones are out of date already.

Beach Destination Wedding Photo Props

Destination themed engagement photo shoot.


Together as One

Sometimes simple is best.

Engagement Photos I Got Your Back

Stand By Your Man

This photo captures the deep feelings of Tiffany & Chris. It's all macked out and then some.

Show Your True Colors

This is a perfect example of a fun and sexy engagement photo shoot. The couple gives a glimpse into their personalities as well as their complete ease and trust of one another.

Second That Emotion

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Take photos of you guys doing normal everyday things. Photos that show the depth of your love for one another. They will be a constant reminder that you are good together especially when tough times come rolling in.

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