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Beautiful Wedding Chair Decorations

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Lush Rose Swag Chairback Decor

What you put on the back of your wedding reception chair can really make a statement and add to the overall decor. We love these from

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Pretty Petals

Flower chair covers are so pretty! They would make up for a very simple centerpiece or just rose petals on the tables.

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Romantic Chair Buttons

This head Table is fabulous. So many lovely and whimsical youches. The chairs are the extra icing on the cake. Gorgeous!

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Epic Bling

This rhinestone and crystal encrusted chair cap is simply stunning. The blinged out chairs alone let you know this is a platinum level event. So stylish and sophisticated.

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Keep Calm and Sparkle

Stunning Crystal chair cap. Easy bling to simple chairs. Perfect for wedding sparkle.

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These Chairs Got Swag

Beauty is always in the details. Creating two swags on the backs on chairs creates a powerful impact.The swag of crystals or the swag of floral alone, would not be as beautiful as they are together. Great teamwork!

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Whimsical Wedding Chairs

The feathers and satin are lovely enough, but the gorgeous roses in soft pastels make these chairs Luxe.

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Ballgown Chair Decor

This elegant chair looks like a beautiful gown. Great for the bride and groom, or even a birthday girl chair.

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Crystal Chair Decor

The blush ribbon and sparkling crystal garland dress up these simple chairs.

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Lace Chair Cover

This lace chair cover covers the upper back portion of this dark chiavari chair. It is beautiful and perfect for 20's Glamour and Vintage Chic weddings!

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