For Vibrant Brides of Color


Just because you are hosting a party does not mean you have to break out the paper plates, load up the cooler and struggle with the grill. Brats and beer have their place, but for special occasions you want a little more style. Whether you are throwing a bridal shower, a wedding reception, having friends over or enjoying a quiet dinner for two, you can follow some simple tips to make stylish entertaining a breeze.

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What to serve when the menu calls for no meat, fish, shellfish or poultry. How to have a wedding cake when there can be no eggs, milk or refined sugar!
Waiting for speeches to end. Waiting for the bide and groom to arrive. Waiting for dinner. There are a lot of empty spaces at your wedding reception or dinner party that could be filled with FUN!
Who says wedding decorations have to break the bank? With a little creative thinking, you can fill a room with beautiful and unique touches that cost less than they look. Here are a few ideas to inspire-and awe. You can use just about any object to make a decorative statement.
Small plates, such as tapas, and al fresco dining—also known as the good old-fashioned picnic—remain strong crowd pleasers this year.
There might be a few bumps along the road if you decide to make your own wedding flowers. The best way to combat these hiccups is to be informed.


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