For Vibrant Brides of Color

Escort Cards That Fascinate

Create dreamy Escort Card tables.

Who needs an escort card table? Sasha Souza affixes crystal strands to a tree and the ground, then magnetizes the cards so they stick to the strands.

This is a great way to remember those who have passed on.

For a bride who wanted to showcase vintage family photos, Sasha Souza created a backdrop of an old riddling rack accented with floral. Start your own memories with modern photo frames.

For a golf-loving couple who married at a resort with a magnificent golf course, The Special Day uses golf tees to hold the escort cards. And ....

.. the escort card table is designed to resemble one of the holes at the resort.

For a wedding at Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Special Day arranges escort cards as the "orchestra"; the bride and groom were the "conductors." The chair place card holders are a perfect choice for these.

Photo by Victor Sizemore.

a driftwood tree bearing copper leaves with guest names. Tree designed and photographed by Asiel Design.

To salute a travel-loving couple, Events of Distinction uses luggage tags as escort cards. Photo by Grace Image.

Photo by Jerry Yoon.

For a wedding in an art museum, Outstanding Occasions pins the escort cards onto a beautiful model's hoop skirt.

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