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Do It Yourself Crafts

Find ideas for simple favors, wedding veils, gifts, and other cool projects here. Wedding Favors are the perfect way to graciously thank your guests. Give them a unique keepsake that will make a lasting impression.

Your wedding day goes by so quickly, it is just obvious that you will do everything in your power to preserve your memories! I can't think of a better way of doing this that with a Wedding Scrapbook.
Waiting for speeches to end. Waiting for the bide and groom to arrive. Waiting for dinner. There are a lot of empty spaces at your wedding reception or dinner party that could be filled with FUN!
There might be a few bumps along the road if you decide to make your own wedding flowers. The best way to combat these hiccups is to be informed.
<font size="2" face="Georgia">Layered wedding programs are extremely classy and are very useful when you intend to have a lot of information in your program.</font>


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