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Should we keep my pregnancy a secret until after the wedding? Give her advice.
Paul sang to me (Linda) onstage in New Orleans at a restaurant.
I thought he would propose on my birthday, September 29, 2001, however he had other plans. My twin sister and I decided to throw each other a party, just something different and funny for our 26th birthday....
by Dr. Gilda Carle<br /> <br /> He popped the question. I admit, now that I think about it, <b>I said YES too quickly,</b> caught up in the moment. What should I do?
As unique as a seashell<br /> As deep as the sea<br /> As eternal as the waves<br /> Our love was meant to be<br /> <br /> Click <a href="mod.php?mod=calendar&op=show_event&event_id=166">here</a> for all the cool details of this unusal wedding.
Mr. Roderick Cody and Ms. Tiffany Cody<br /> <br /> Click <a href="mod.php?mod=calendar&op=show_event&event_id=79">here</a> for more information on how they met and SHE proposed!


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