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Photography & Videography

Learn about wedding photography price and cost, how to manage your budget, how much you should spend. If not careful, wedding photography costs can get out of hand in a hurry. The typical couple spends about 7 percent of their wedding budget, or $1,150, on photos and a video.

&#8220;I want it to be &#8216;special&#8217;.&#8221; That&#8217;s what you&#8217;ll hear from most brides when asked what they expect from their wedding. <br /> <br /> But, what makes a wedding special? The dress? The cakes? The reception? According to 90 percent of Americans, personalizing a wedding celebration gives it that special touch.
When it comes to picking your bridesmaids this can be one of the best or worst tasks you have to do. The selection is hard if you have numerous friends and only want a few or even just one bridesmaid.
Bridal season is starting up and if you look in your local paper you are sure to find numerous bridal shows in your area. These shows are a great way for you to see what your city as to offer in the wedding industry.
Your palms are sweaty. You can hear your heart beat in stereo. Your voice is shaking while you speak (or so you think) , and you&#8217;ve broken out in a cold sweat. No you&#8217;re not talking to the man or woman of your dreams for the first time, its public speaking.


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