For Vibrant Brides of Color

Hurricane Lamp Centerpieces

A chic versatile centerpiece for any occasion.

Choosing a wedding centerpiece can be a bit challenging sometimes, but with a little thought and creativity (and our help hopefully!) you can come up with an exquisite centerpiece for your wedding reception.

Morrocan Lantern Centerpieces

Step into the vibrant, mysterious and enchanting atmosphere of the Middle East as you enjoy an exotic night filled with color and spice!

This is perfect for many themes. Place on low lying tables for a Moroccan or African theme. Hang them in trees and place on tables for your garden wedding. Use them to line your aisle, walks and paths. Beautiful at beach weddings. The applications are endless. The results breathtaking!

white Fancy Lantern

Think Garden Parties, African themed weddings, Moroccan theme events. this lantern makes a great centerpiece or accent lighting. Candles, mirror, floral candle ring will add drama to this already spectacular style lantern.

Get Creative!

As with other details of your wedding, there is no standard way to design your wedding centerpiece. Don't be afraid to get creative and do something a little differently to show your personality. This is one of our favorite items for a wedding centerpiece idea because there is so much you can do with hurricane lamps.

You can...

Add a votive candle and coffee beans or other small items to match your color theme.


A tricky feat to pull off - balancing a tree branch and gorgeous bright flower centerpieces on top of tall clear hurricane vases. But the impact is jawdropping if you can swing it!

  • Fill them with water and float candles.
  • Add pine cones with walnuts and potpourri for a fall wedding.
  • Use different types of fruit (dried or fresh) to fill them up.
  • Put pillar candles inside them to add ambiance to your reception.
  • Around the holidays put round ornaments in them.
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