For Vibrant Brides of Color

Do It Yourself Crafts

Find ideas for simple favors, wedding veils, gifts, and other cool projects here. Wedding Favors are the perfect way to graciously thank your guests. Give them a unique keepsake that will make a lasting impression.

<i>With the high cost of weddings, we all appreciate tips on saving money. Decorating your wedding can become very costly if you don&rsquo;t do your research and centerpieces are often the most expensive thing next to flowers. </i>
The use of a beautiful centerpiece at your wedding can make your decor unforgettable. With so many options to choose from - which way do you go?
Do It Yourself Crafts & Accessories: Mark the bride&#039;s way up the down the aisle with delicate silk rose petals carried in a matching basket. <br /> <br />


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