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Fun things Guests Can Do While They Wait

Waiting for speeches to end. Waiting for the bide and groom to arrive. Waiting for dinner. There are a lot of empty spaces at your wedding reception or dinner party that could be filled with FUN!

Name Game

Something fun for guests to do at the table for a wedding! What should we name our kids? What is the most romantic place we should visit? What is the best marriage advice you have ever received? What is your favorite memory of us? Where do you see us in 25 years? When did you know we were meant for each other?


This is a fun activity for guests while waiting it out at cocktail hour! Caricature art great takeaway wedding favor!

I Spy

Fun for adults and children alike, I spy is a fast favorite!

Build Up An Appetite

Lawn games would definitely make the reception more fun!! They will keep Little & Big kids entertained through out the evening.

Game On!

Are there games that have significance to the bride and groom? Put a note on the box or a sign mentioning it. Place games that people enjoyed growing up, like Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, Battleship, Trouble, etc. Retro games will bring out the kid in everyone.

Mad Libs for Weddings!

Wedding Game Idea: They can take the place of a guest book. Guests love these & work on them while waiting for the ceremony to start. Don't forget to include a pen or pencil and a card box to put the completed forms!

Fun Wedding Waiting Game: Mad Libs

A fun and simple way of displyaing your games.

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