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Pre-wedding Parties

Pre wedding events are fun and create an inspired set of activities for both families as well as the wedding guests. Should it be a BBQ? A tea party? Who do you invite? Pre-wedding events including the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, welcome dinner, family outings, Bridal shower, Bachelorette Parties and bachelor parties and more.

Cute, cool, classy ideas for a bridal shower the bride will love!
Waiting for speeches to end. Waiting for the bide and groom to arrive. Waiting for dinner. There are a lot of empty spaces at your wedding reception or dinner party that could be filled with FUN!
You have been recently engaged and you want to share the great news with others. One way to do this is to have an engagement party.
There will be lots of champagne flowing even before you say, "I Do!"
Wedding rehearsal dinners are a time to relax, calm down and enjoy a quiet evening before the big event the next day. But adding some fun and games into the rehearsal dinner isn't such a bad idea. It's a great way to help everyone let off some steam, calm down and enjoy each other.  
The responsibility for this is the Groom's Family. But you should know what to expect in case this responsibility falls to you.


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